Ready for home! 

We are now on the coach ready to set off. We will be leaving at 1.30 and should arrive back at school at 3:30, we will keep you updated on our journey. The children and Mascots have had a fabulous time. Cheeky said that this has been the best residential he’s ever been on and this is his 3rd visit to Whitby. 


I was right we have lots of socks left over we could start a market stall. Jack has the best packing skills we have seen. Everything rolled and folded, what an expert. Well done Year 5 very organised. 

Talent Show

The children had decided if we couldn’t see the bell ringing they would like to do a talent show to showcase talents that we had not seen before. When we returned from bell ringing the children asked if it could still go ahead as they had been thinking about their talent all day. We were so proud of the children, Rowan writes his own songs. Fatima, Zahrah and Falak formed a girl band. Clara and Katie performed a comedy sketch. All the children performed to a high standard and all children took part. We were really pleased with how supportive they were of each other and this really helped the children grow in confidence. Good night everyone, I am sure you are all looking forward to having them home tomorrow. 

Exhibition Gallery at Whitby Abbey

Group B visited the upstairs gallery at the Abbey this morning to investigate and research about the history behind it. The children have managed to see artefacts that are over 800 years old and compare them to similar objects we have today. 

Cleo found out that instead of having a coin to represent a half penny, they simply just cut the penny in half. 

The children have listened to the interactive programmes which has given them an insight to the lives and type of people that once lived at the Abbey. 

Bell Ringing

After being told we couldn’t attend our bell ringing practise we went to the church regardless and listened outside. After a short while they invited us in anyway. The children were taught the mechanics of bell ringing and were lucky enough to listen to some of their trickiest ringing.